Study on cereal-legume based complementary foods for infants

Study on cereal-legume based complementary foods for infants
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  • Ngày đăng : 04/02/2023
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  • Khu vực : Hà nội
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Malnutrition is still public health problem in some parts of the world and causes irreversible damage at infant stage. Infants require high energy and nutrient dense foods because of their high growth velocity. Feeding fortified complementary blended foods is one of the options to treat malnourished infants. These foods are prepared with cereallegume blend, oil, sugar, vitamin/minerals and animal source protein. Complementary foods with high sugar content ( 15%) are not recommended to treat malnourished group. Animal source protein in complementary foods leads to hike in production cost. The purpose of this paper was to study the complementary foods for infants to make alternative inexpensive product formulation with low added sugar.
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