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Hướng dẫn Kiểm soát nhiễm khuẩn trong Bệnh viện 5e

Hướng dẫn Kiểm soát nhiễm khuẩn trong Bệnh viện 5e
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The latest 5th edition of A Guide to Infection Control in the Hospital is now available. This handy pocket-sized manual contains 60 chapters that explain key principles and guidelines for reducing the rate of nosocomial infections and practical measures intended to improve quality of care, minimize risk, save lives, and reduce costs.

Table of contents :
Table of Contents, 5th edition
Chapter 1: Importance of Infection Control
Chapter 2: Organization
Chapter 3: Role of the Microbiology Laboratory in Infection Control
Chapter 4: Antibiotic Resistance Challenges
Chapter 5: Waste Management
Chapter 6: Hand Hygiene
Chapter 7: Isolation of Communicable Diseases
Chapter 8: Patient Areas, Disinfection and Environmental Cleaning
Chapter 9: Reuse of Disposable Devices
Chapter 10: Disinfection
Chapter 11: The Healthcare Worker as a Source of Transmission
Chapter 12: Managing Antibiotic Resistance: What Works in the Hospital
Chapter 13: Organizing and Recording Problems Including Epidemics
Chapter 14: Horizontal vs Vertical Infection Control Strategies
Chapter 15: Positive Deviance in Infection Prevention
Chapter 16: Bundles in Infection Prevention and Safety
Chapter 17: The Hospital Environment
Chapter 18: Food: Considerations for Hospital Infection Control
Chapter 19: Hospital Water
Chapter 20: Laboratory Areas
Chapter 21: The Pharmacy
Chapter 22: The Operating Room
Chapter 23: Keeping the Environment Safe in Infection Prevention & Control: Focus on Countries with Limited Resources
Chapter 24: The Emergency Department and Receiving Areas
Chapter 25: HIV Infection and AIDS in Low- and Middle-Income Countries
Chapter 26: Tuberculosis
Chapter 27: Diarrhea
Chapter 28: Skin and Soft Tissue Infections
Chapter 29: Bloodstream Infections
Chapter 30: Managing Vascular Catheters
Chapter 31: Hospital Acquired Urinary Tract Infection
Chapter 32: Pneumonia
Chapter 33: Mechanical Ventilation
Chapter 34: Diphtheria, Tetanus, Pertussis
Chapter 35: Measles
Chapter 36: Herpes Zoster Vaccine
Chapter 37: Human Papillomavirus
Chapter 38: Transfusions
Chapter 39: Preparing the Patient for Surgery
Chapter 40: Infection Control in Obstetrics
Chapter 41: The Infection Hazards of Human Cadavers
Chapter 42: Streptococcus pyogenes (Group A Streptococcus Infections)
Chapter 43: Straphlococcus aureus
Chapter 44: Enterococcal Species
Chapter 45: Pneumococcus
Chapter 46: Legionella
Chapter 47: Carbapenem-resistant Enterobacteriaceae
Chapter 48: Bacterial Enteric Pathogens: Clostridium difficile, Salmonella, Campylobacter, Shigella, Escherichia Coli and others
Chapter 49: Other Enterobacteriaceae
Chapter 50: Pseudomonas Aeruginosa
Chapter 51: Helicobacter Pylori
Chapter 52: Fungi
Chapter 53: Viruses
Chapter 54: MERS and Lessons from SARS
Chapter 55: Parasites
Chapter 56: New Technologies in Infection Prevention
Chapter 57: Left Ventricular Assist Device – Related Infections
Chapter 58: Hand Hygiene Monitoring
Chapter 59: Healthcare Personnel Attire in Non-Operating Room Settings
Chapter 60: Ebola Virus Disease

Title: A guide to infection control in the hospital, 5th Ed
Author(s): Brewer, Timothy F.; Butzler, Jean-Paul; Wenzel, Richard Putnam
Publisher: International Society for Infectious Diseases
Year: 2108 Edition: 3rd ed.
Language: English Pages: 278
ISBN: 9780974903101, 0974903108 ID: 1564805
Size: 5 MB

TẢI VỀ: Định dạng PDF – 278 trang – 5 MB – Google Drive


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